Since 1967, OEN has been a source for news, announcements, and information on the world of Anglo-Saxon studies. Its annual Bibliography and Year's Work in Old English Studies are used by thousands of scholars worldwide.


Issue 44.3&4

The current issue is 44.3&4. Issue 4 is in hard copy and was mailed 4/7/2014. Issue 3 is online, and was co-edited by Mary Dockray-Miller. Professor Dockray-Miller has accepted a role with OEN as Subject Co-Editor in Old English pedagogy. She will now be accepting essays, notes, syllabi, and other pedagogical tools for publication every year in issue 3. The current issue is available for free on-line. We will also make available pdf's of the issue for download. Click here for the Table of Contents. (Issue 44.4 is being printed. If you have or know of work that should have been included, please contact Dan Donoghue or the relevant subject editor, listed here.)


Issue 45.1

Issue 45.1 (Spring 2014) is accepting essays, notes, bibliographies, and on-line resources. The first issue of each year is focused on aids for scholarship. You can submit proposals or essays here.


MLA 2015

MLA is meeting in Vancouver in early January of 2015. Calls for papers have gone out. The OE Group is co-sponsoring a panel with the Translation Studies Group and a cash bar with the Old Norse Group.



Professor Nicholas Brooks will be sorely missed. An obituary in the Guardian is here.

New Books and Reports

Please inform us if you have published a book within the calendar years 2012 or 2013. We will do our best to advertise it here. Click here to see new books. NB: the Digital Vercelli Book.


OEN Subsidia

The OEN Subsidia has been reconstituted as Old English Publications. In partnership with the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, OEN will continue to publish brief studies, editions, bibliographies, and other volumes for scholarly and classroom use. We do not publish monographs. Here is a list of volumes, some of which are for sale through Medieval Institute Publications (WMU). Our first volume has appeared: Jane Toswell, trans. Jorge Luis Borges: Germanic Literatures.


OEN Archives and Offprints

Essays, reports, and memorials are available for volumes 32 to 44. Offprints in pdf are free. Volumes 37 to 41 are available for free in their entirety. Back issues can be had for $5.00 per issue or $10.00 per year. Please inquire, as we have limited quantities.


Scholarly Resources

OEN and ISAS are collaborating to develop a list of available electronic resources. This site and its updates will be overseen by Professor Eddie Christie, who will also take up a role as Subject Co-Editor in Digital Anglo-Saxon.