Essays & Reports

vv. 32.1 – 44.3



  • Epics and Screenplays: The Problem of Adapting Beowulf for the Screen; Robert Spindler (OEN 43.3) [view]

      A consideration of some of the problems of adapting an epic poem to the screen.

  • Jorge Luis Borges and Medieval Germanic Literatures; Jane Toswell (OEN 43.1) [view]

      Notes on the master of modernism's lifelong love of Anglo-Saxon literature.

  • The opening image of MS Junius 11; Ben Reinhard (OEN 42.3) [view]

      New analogues for the striking image of God enthroned which opens the Old English *Genesis A*.'

  • Lexomics for Anglo-Saxon Literature; Michael D. C. Drout (OEN 42.1) [view]

      Applying mathematical models used in genetic research may help us better understand the diction and style of Old English poetry.

  • Anglo-Saxon Women Before the Law: A Student Edition of Five Old English Lawsuits; Andrew Rabin (OEN 41.3) [view]

      Queens, widows, and witches – five brief courtroom dramas that speak volumes about the lives of women in Anglo-Saxon England.

  • Beowulf: Prince of the Geats , Nazis, and Odinists; Richard Scott Nokes (OEN 41.3) [view]

      In this chilling look at the dark side of popular Anglo-Saxonism, a new film version of *Beowulf* is vilified by the poem's biggest (and most disturbing) fans.

  • Old English, New Media: Blogging Beowulf ; Mary Kate Hurley (OEN 41.1) [view]

      Blogs are ubiquitous, peculiar, uncannily fascinating, and entertaining, but are they worth the time? The author of a popular blog for Medieval Studies answers yes, and explains why.

  • Letter to Brother Edward: A Student Edition; Mary Clayton (OEN 40.3) [view]

      One of the most peculiar works of Old English prose, and a revealing look at Anglo-Saxon popular culture, in a self-contained edition ready for the classroom.

  • Old English Textbooks and the 21st Century: A Review of Recent Publications; Andrew Scheil (OEN 40.3) [view]

      The many new grammars and readers of Old English are worth a closer look, not only for what they teach about Old English but for what they reveal about the current state of the discipline.

  • Old English Studies in France; André Crépin and Leo Carruthers (OEN 40.3) [view]

      The two most distinguished scholars of Old English studies in France remind us of the surprisingly long and lively history of their subject in that country.

  • In Memoriam: Stephen O. Glosecki, 1950-2007; Jill Frederick and Elaine Treharne (OEN 40.3) [view]

      We remember a powerful and original voice in Old English studies.

  • Old English Studies in Spain: Past, Present and … Future?; Juan Camilo Conde-Silvestre and Mercedes Salvador (OEN 40.1) [view]

      Spain has become of the liveliest centers for Anglo-Saxon studies in Europe; two of its leading scholars explain why.

  • Typing in Old English since 1967: A Brief History; Peter S. Baker (OEN 40.1) [view]

      The creator of Junicode looks back on the many ways Old English scholars have tried to get their words on a page.

  • In Memoriam: Nicholas Howe (Feb. 17, 1953 – September 27, 2006); R. M. Liuzza (OEN 40.1) [view]

      We remember the life and work of a gifted scholar and generous colleague.

  • Hrothgar Built Roads: Grendel 's Ride in L.A.; Allen J. Frantzen (OEN 39.3) [view]

      The Los Angeles Opera's production of *Grendel* was based on John Gardner's 1971 novel; should they have gone back to *Beowulf* instead?

  • A Banner Year for Beowulf on the Boards; Lisi Oliver (OEN 39.3) [view]

      With the recent boom in *Beowulf* adaptations, Lisi Oliver notes a few regional productions that may have escaped your notice.

  • Grendel's Mother Broods Over Her Feral Son; Marijane Osborn (OEN 39.3) [view]

      A scholar renowned for her creative work offers a stark, vivid poetic imagining of one of *Beowulf*'s most enigmatic characters.

  • Assuring the Efficacy of Beowulf for Undergraduate Students; Jennifer M. Santos (OEN 39.1) [view]

      Today's undergraduates are tomorrow's Anglo-Saxonists; this report suggests how teachers of *Beowulf* might meet them halfway and make the poem easier for them to love.

  • What are Old English Metrical Studies For?; Thomas Bredehoft (OEN 39.1) [view]

      If you are in a crisis about anacrusis, unresolved about resolution, or lost in the maze of metrical systems, here is a step-by-step explanation of why you should care about Old English meter.

  • In Memorian: Raymond P. Tripp, Jr., 1932-2005; Alexandra H. Olsen (OEN 38.3) [view]

      We remember one of the true mavericks of Old English studies, a scholar whose passionate and philosophical speculations always showed a fine eye for textual detail.

  • In Memoriam: René Derolez, 1921-2005; M. C. Bodden (OEN 38.3) [view]

      One of the great scholars of our time is remembered for more than his monumental body of work; his generosity and kindness remind us that the best philology arises from an aesthetic sense, a love of language.

  • The Laws of Æthelberht: A Student Edition; Lisi Oliver (OEN 38.1) [view]

      One of the earliest English law codes is presented here in a complete new edition, with introduction, notes and glossary.

  • The Opening of King Alfred's Preface to the Old English Pastoral Care : Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Hatton 20; Timothy Graham (OEN 38.1) [view]

      Layer by layer, a close look at the manuscript of one of the most familiar pieces of Old English prose reveals the complex history of the text and its role in the birth of Anglo-Saxon studies.

  • In Memoriam: Charles Patrick Wormald; Nicholas Brooks (OEN 38.1) [view]

      We mourn the untimely loss of Patrick Wormald, one of the most distinguished historians in our field. One of his closest friends offers a frank and loving assessment of his life and work.

  • Borroughs Wellcome & Co., the American Medical Association and Anglo-Saxon Leechcraft: Popular Study of Anglo-Saxon Remedies in the Early Twentieth Century; Richard Scott Nokes (OEN 37.3) [view]

      The author uncovers a forgotten example of Anglo-Saxon scholarship being used to sell medical products—surprisingly, the promoters got things more right than you might expect.

  • An Anglo-Saxonist Gets his Fifteen Minutes: or, what happens when the media briefly pay attention; Michael D. C. Drout (OEN 37.3) [view]

      What happens when a young assistant professor's next book becomes the subject of a feature article in the London *Sunday Times* and just happens to have a tie-in to one of the most popular movies of the decade? Michael Drout learns to be careful what you wish for....

  • When the Future is Present: Anglo-Saxon Studies in Hungary, 2004; Katalin Halacsy Scholz (OEN 37.3) [view]

      The good news is that Hungary, more open to the west than ever before, has just produced its first Ph.D. in Anglo-Saxon studies. The bad news is that the EU wants European universities to be more like American ones.

  • What Counts is not to Say, but to Say Again: A Response to Thomas A. Bredehoft, 'Anglo-Saxonists and eBay'; Eileen A. Joy (OEN 37.3) [view]

      A provocative meditation on artifacts, museums, ownership, and the production of meaning that wonders why we assume that artifacts belong in "a big box that *holds things in* and *keeps things in their places*."

  • Anglo-Saxonists and eBay; Thomas A. Bredehoft (OEN 37.1) [view]

      You can buy just about anything online, even the past. Tom Bredehoft discusses the appeal and the ethical quandaries of the online auction service eBay.

  • More Anglo-Saxon Runic Graffiti in Roman Catacombs; Ute Schwab (OEN 37.1) [view]

      The Anglo-Saxons traveled widely, and left their marks in unexpected places. This report by a distinguished scholar retrieves scratched runic signatures which have been hidden by the misreadings of earlier interpreters.

  • In Memoriam: Robert T. Farrell; Catherine Karkov (OEN 37.1) [view]

      A remembrance of one of the most wide-ranging scholars in Anglo-Saxon studies.

  • Recovering Unique Ælfrician Texts Using the Fiber Optic Light Cord: Pope XVII in London, BL Cotton Vitellius C. v; Carmen Acevedo Butcher (OEN 36.3) [view]

      The latest technology can find new readings in damaged manuscripts, but as the author reminds us, "an intelligent eye remains the best camera."

  • Michael Crichton, Ibn Fadlan, Fantasy Cinema: Beowulf at the Movies; Hugh Magennis (OEN 35.1) [view]

      Everyone knows *Beowulf* has all the elements of a great story—so why can't anyone make a great film out of it? Hugh Magennis reviews two efforts from 1999.

  • The Evidence of the Copy; Karen Thomson (OEN 35.1) [view]

      Scholars of Old English are used to scrutinizing manuscripts for traces of historical and cultural evidence. Early printed editions of Old English texts contain equally rich evidence for the history of Anglo-Saxon studies.

  • A Scene of Post-Mortem Judgment in the New Minster Liber Vitae ; David F. Johnson (OEN 34.1) [view]

      A close reading of images in a well-known Anglo-Saxon manuscript suggests a connection to traditions found in Old English verse, and an unexpected link between the reformed monastic church and vernacular apocryphal literature.

  • Estimating Probabilities and Alliteration Frequencies in Old English Verse; Thomas A. Bredehoft (OEN 34.1) [view]

      Alliteration may be the most obvious feature of Old English poetic meter. In a closely-argued essay Thomas Bredehoft reminds us to pay more attention to its subtleties as well.

  • In Memoriam: Christine Elizabeth Fell (1938-1998); Kathryn A. Lowe (OEN 32.1) [view]



  • 2013 "Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus "; Carole Hough and Christian Kay (OEN 44.3) [view]
  • 2013 "Exchanging Words" and its Motivation; Jacob Riyeff (OEN 44.1) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Fourteenth Annual Report, 2012; C. P. Biggam (OEN 44.1) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Thirteenth Annual Report, 2011; C. P. Biggam (OEN 43.1) [view]
  • ISAS 2011: Madison, Wisconsin; John Niles (OEN 43.1) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2010 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 43.1) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Twelfth Annual Report, 2010; C. P. Biggam (OEN 42.3) [view]
  • ISAS 2009: St John's Newfoundland; Stacy Klein (OEN 42.3) [view]
  • Old English Core Vocabulary; Christine Rauer (OEN 42.3) [view]
  • Inside the Evellum Scriptorium Series; Bernard J. Muir (OEN 42.3) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Eleventh Annual Report, 2009; C. P. Biggam (OEN 42.1) [view]
  • Two Articles from Roskilde Museum, October 2009; John C. Niles (OEN 42.1) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2009 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 42.1) [view]
  • Paleography and Codicology: A Seminar on Medieval Manuscript Studies, University of New Mexico, Institute for Medieval Studies June 9–July 3, 2008; Rhonda L. McDaniel (OEN 41.3) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2008 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 41.3) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Tenth Annual Report, 2008; C. P. Biggam (OEN 41.3) [view]
  • Circolwyrde 2007: New Electronic Resources for Anglo-Saxon Studies; Edward Christie (OEN 41.1) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Ninth Annual Report, January 2008; C. P. Biggam (OEN 41.1) [view]
  • The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220: Report on First Project Symposium, Leicester, July 2007; Mary Swan (OEN 41.1) [view]
  • ISAS 2007: London; David Johnson (OEN 41.1) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2007 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 41.1) [view]
  • Joan Turville-Petre: A Bibliographical Appreciation; Patrick Stiles (OEN 40.3) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Eighth Annual Report, January 2007; C. P. Biggam (OEN 40.3) [view]
  • Circolwyrde 2006: New Electronic Resources for Anglo-Saxon Studies; Edward Christie (OEN 40.1) [view]
  • 2006 Summer Seminar on Medieval Manuscript Studies at the University of New Mexico; Timothy C. Graham (OEN 40.1) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2006 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 40.1) [view]
  • Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A Register of Written Sources Used by Authors in Anglo-Saxon England: Twenty-First Progress Report; Peter Jackson (OEN 40.1) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Seventh Annual Report, January 2006; C. P. Biggam (OEN 39.3) [view]
  • Circolwyrde 2005: New Electronic Resources for Anglo-Saxon Studies; Edward Christie (OEN 39.1) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2005 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 39.1) [view]
  • ISAS 2005: Munich; (Anonymous) (OEN 39.1) [view]
  • A Thesaurus of Old English Online; Christian Kay (OEN 38.3) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Sixth Annual Report, January 2005; C. P. Biggam (OEN 38.3) [view]
  • Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A Register of Written Sources Used by Authors in Anglo-Saxon England: Twentieth Progress Report; Peter Jackson (OEN 38.3) [view]
  • Project Announcement: The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060-1220; Elaine Treharne (OEN 38.3) [view]
  • Circolwyrde 2004: New Electronic Resources for Anglo-Saxon Studies; Martin Foys (OEN 38.1) [view]
  • 2004 NEH Summer Institute on Anglo-Saxon England; Paul Szarmach (OEN 38.1) [view]
  • The MANCASS C11 Database: A Tool for Studying Script and Spelling in the Eleventh Century; Kathryn Powell (OEN 38.1) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile; A. N. Doane (OEN 38.1) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2004 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 38.1) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Fifth Annual Report; C. P. Biggam (OEN 37.3) [view]
  • Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A Register of Written Sources Used by Authors in Anglo-Saxon England: Nineteenth Progress Report; Peter Jackson (OEN 37.3) [view]
  • The Digital Medievalist Project; Daniel Paul O'Donnell (OEN 37.3) [view]
  • Circolwyrde 2003: New Electronic Resources for Anglo-Saxon Studies; Martin Foys (OEN 37.1) [view]
  • How to acknowledge the Fontes Anglo-Saxonici Database; (Anonymous) (OEN 37.1) [view]
  • The Alfredian Boethius Project; M. R. Godden (OEN 37.1) [view]
  • Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England Project; David Pelteret (OEN 37.1) [view]
  • Durham Liber Vitae Project; David Rollason (OEN 37.1) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2003 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 37.1) [view]
  • ISAS 2003: Arizona; (Anonymous) (OEN 37.1) [view]
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  • Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A Register of Written Sources Used by Authors in Anglo-Saxon England: Eighteenth Progress Report; Peter Jackson (OEN 36.3) [view]
  • English Resources at the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library; Matthew Heintzelman (OEN 36.1) [view]
  • The Fontes Anglo-Saxonici Database: The Stand-Alone Version; Malcolm Godden (OEN 36.1) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2002 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 36.1) [view]
  • Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Third Annual Report; C. P. Biggam (OEN 35.3) [view]
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  • Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A Register of Written Sources Used by Authors in Anglo-Saxon England: Sixteenth Progress Report; Peter Jackson (OEN 34.3) [view]
  • Dictionary of Old English: 2000 Progress Report; Joan Holland (OEN 34.1) [view]



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