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Welcome to the Old English Newsletter Bibliography Database

Since 1967, the Old English Newsletter has offered its readers news, reports, articles and information about Anglo-Saxon studies. Each year OEN publishes a comprehensive Bibliography that is widely regarded as one of the best research tools in the field; the Bibliography records recent work on Anglo-Saxon literature, language, history, art, archaeology, and other topics. This site presents the annual OEN Bibliography in a searchable database.

The database currently contains the annual bibliographies from 1973 to 2009—over 23,000 entries—with new items added annually. These can be browsed by subject, scanned for keywords (using AND, OR, and NOT conditions), or searched by specific fields. Searches can be limited to a single year or range of years, and results can be sorted by author, title, or date. Individual items can be viewed in detail; the detailed view includes a list of reviews (for books), and links to related items. You can save single items or entire sets of search results, and your list of saved items can be printed, saved to disk, or sent via email.

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This site and its web host (http://www.ipowerweb.com) undergo major upgrades at unexpected intervals. If you encounter any problems with registration, searching, saving, or mailing, or if you notice anything odd about the appearance of the site, please contact Roy Liuzza at editor@oenewsletter.org.

We also welcome any suggestions for correcting, improving, or updating items in the database. In the detailed view of any item (click [more] from the list of search results), just click on “Send a Comment” to let us know how to improve an item. The more input we receive, the better the OEN Database will be.

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