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Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile


A. N. Doane, editor, University of Wisconsin–Madison

"Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile" is a large-scale, world-wide cooperative project dedicated to reproducing on microfiche complete facsimiles of all manuscripts containing any Old English language. It includes all the manuscripts listed in N. R. Ker's Catalogue of Manuscripts containing Anglo-Saxon, as well as items later than Ker's chronological limits, items discovered since publication of the Catalogue, and items related physically in some way to Ker manuscripts, with a projected total of about 500 distinct items. As with Ker, cartularies of post-Anglo-Saxon date and single sheet documents are excluded.

Each manuscript item is presented catalogued by its ASM "index number;" images are generated from black-and-white microfilm and each manuscript image-set is accompanied by a detailed description, freshly written by an experienced scholar from direct examination of the manuscript in its home library. These descriptions include a history, a detailed codicological description, a collation, a detailed description and identification of contents, and an up-to-date bibliography. All salient facts concerning each manuscript as an identifiable physical entity are treated, whether the datum is in Anglo-Saxon or Latin, whether the feature is of early, medieval, or modern production. While brevity of style is attempted, the most important criteria are completeness, currency, and accuracy of the descriptions, which range in length from 2 pages to over 40. Manuscripts are published in fascicles of from 8 to 12 manuscript items, accumulated so that each fascicle includes about 40 fiche and a booklet of up to 94 pages. The aim is to arrange volumes thematically as far as possible (by content, provenance or location) and it is also the policy to keep the work of individual scholars together as far as possible. Volumes are constituted more-or-less as originally projected in the original plans going back to 1992. However, this has not always been possible; the overriding concern is to complete publication of all the projected items, which sometimes dictates the insertion of "orphan" items and sometimes requires a change of the projected order of volumes or describer of particular items.

Because this project is intended as a comprehensive corpus, eventually providing a complete visual and reference index to the sources of Anglo-Saxon textual culture in manuscript, it is offered as a subscription series and individuals and institutions are encouraged to acquire the whole thing. Individual volumes are sold, at a slightly higher price, but the project does not sell images/descriptions of single manuscripts. The publisher is Arizona State University Press in the Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies series; the price for standing subscribers is: institutions $96/£60, individuals $60/£40; for single volumes: institutions $120/£76, individuals $90/£58. Institutions receive two copies of the booklet. More information about purchase may be found at http://www.asu.edu/clas/acmrs.

The Project began in 1992 co-edited by Phillip Pulsiano and A. N. Doane. The first volume was published in 1994, while start-up and manuscript acquisition was still under way. In 1994 the Project was granted generous funding by the National Endowment for the Humanities, which has continued to the present. Six volumes were published between 1994-1998. The retirement of the longtime director of MRTS in 1998 and subsequent transfer of the publisher from Binghamton to Arizona State entailed many unavoidable delays, as did the untimely death of Professor Pulsiano in 2000. The project has been back on track since the resolution of these difficulties and has now published up to volume 12. Two further volumes are complete and ready for press, and two others are being edited, with many others sent in by describers waiting in the queue.

Also to appear in 2005 is an index to volumes 1-10: this contains comprehensive indices of the manuscript contents and features, of the descriptions, of Latin and Old English incipits, of owners, etc. This is conceived as an interim index, which will be supplanted by another to volumes 1-25, and later by a final index to the completed whole, now projected as a total of 45 volumes. More information may be had at the project website, http://mendota.english.wisc.edu/~ASMMF/index.htm

The manuscripts arranged by their volumes, as published so far, are listed below.


Volume 1: Books of Prayers and Healing, A. N. Doane (1994)

177. London, British Library Cotton Caligula A. vii: "Heliand Manuscript" p. 1

197. London, British Library Cotton Galba A. xiv: Private devotional miscellany p. 5

203. London, British Library Cotton Nero A. ii: Three combined MSS: an 11c English prayerbook, an 8-9c northern Italian prayerbook, a 12c English collection of St. Cuthbert material p. 15

253. London, British Library Cotton Vitellius C. iii: Macer glosses; Pseudo-Apuleius "Herbarium," Macrobius, etc. p. 20

265. London, British Library Harley 585: Pseudo-Apuleius "Herbarium," "Lacnunga" p. 26

271. London, British Library Harley 2965: "Book of Nunnaminster," private prayerbook p. 37

278. London, British Library Harley 6258B: "Herbarium Pseudo-Apulei," "Medicina de quadrupedibus," "Peri didaxeon," etc. p. 44

279. London, British Library Harley 7653: Private prayerbook p. 49

283. London, British Library Royal 2 A. xx: Private prayerbook p. 52

298. London, British Library Royal 12 D. xvii: "Bald's Leechbook" p. 60


Volume 2: Psalters I, Phillip Pulsiano (1994)

166. London, British Library Additional 37517: "Bosworth Psalter," "Canterbury Hymnal" p. 1

174. London, British Library Arundel 60: "Arundel Psalter" p. 13

175. London, British Library Arundel 155: Psalter, canticles, prayers, hymns p. 19

233. London, British Library Cotton Tiberius C. vi: "Tiberius Psalter" p. 38

238. London, British Library Cotton Vespasian A. i: "Vespasian Psalter" p. 43

258. London, British Library Cotton Vitellius E. xviii: "Vitellius Psalter" p. 50

284. London, British Library Royal 2 B. v: "Regius Psalter" p. 57

306. London, British Library Stowe 2: "Stowe Psalter" or "Spelman Psalter" p. 65


Volume 3: Anglo-Saxon Gospels, Roy M. Liuzza and A. N. Doane (1995)

206. London, British Library Cotton Nero D. iv: "Codex Lindisfarnensis," "The Lindisfarne Gospels" (A. N. Doane) p. 1

218. London, British Library Cotton Otho C. i, Vol. 1: "West-Saxon Gospels" p. 12

280. London, British Library Royal 1 A. xiv: "West-Saxon Gospels" p. 16

338. Oxford, Bodleian Library Auctarium D. 2. 19 (3946): "The Mac Regol Gospels," "The Rushworth Gospels" (A. N. Doane) p. 20

361. Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 441 (2382): "West-Saxon Gospels" p. 26

374. Oxford, Bodleian Eng. Bib. C. 2 (31345): "Lakelands Fragment" of the "West-Saxon Gospels" p. 30

378. Oxford, Bodleian Hatton 38 (4090): "West-Saxon Gospels" p. 32


Volume 4: Glossed Texts, Aldhelmiana, Psalms, Phillip Pulsiano (1996)

199. London, British Library Cotton Julius A. vi: "Computistica," "Expositio hymnorum," canticles p. 1

243. London, British Library Cotton Vespasian D. vi: "De virtutibus," Hymn, Psalm 50, Disticha Catonis, etc. p. 14

244. London, British Library Cotton Vespasian D. xii: Hymnal, "Expositio hymnorum," canticles p. 19

266. London, British Library Harley 863: Leofric psalter p. 37

272. London, British Library Harley 3013: Aldhelm, "De laude virginitatis" p. 44

285. London, British Library Royal 4 A. xiv: Missal, Pseudo-Hieronymus "In psalmos," Felix "Vita Guthlaci" p. 47

286. London, British Library Royal 5 E. xi: Aldhelm, "De laude virginitatis" p. 51

287. London, British Library Royal 5 F. iii: Aldhelm, "De laude virginitatis" p. 55

296. London, British Library Royal 10 C. v: Petrus Cantor: Biblical Commentaries p. 58


Volume 5: Latin Manuscripts with Anglo-Saxon Glosses, Peter J. Lucas, A. N. Doane, and I. C. Cunningham (1997)

109. Canterbury, Cathedral Library Additional 20: "Bilingual Rule of Chrodegang" (A. N. Doane) p. 1

110. Canterbury, Cathedral Library Additional 25: Wærferth's translation of Gregory the Great, "Dialogues" (fragment) (A. N. Doane) p. 3

111. Canterbury, Cathedral Library Additional 32: Gregory the Great, "Dialogues" (fragment) (A. N. Doane) p. 6

115. Dublin, Trinity College 114 (A. 5. 2): Clement of Llanthony, "Concordia quatuor evangelistarum" (P. J. Lucas) p. 8

116. Dublin, Trinity College 174 (B. 4. 3): Lives of Saints (P. J. Lucas) p. 11

117. Dublin, Trinity College 492 (E. 2. 23): "Bede's Death Song" (P. J. Lucas) p. 24

125. Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Advocates'' 18.7.7: Sedulius, "Carmen Paschale" (I. C. Cunningham) p. 28

187. London, British Library Cotton Domitian i: Part 1: Isidore, Abbo, Priscian, Bede; Part 2: Geraldus Cambrensis, "Annales Cambriae" (A. N. Doane) p. 35

191. London, British Library Cotton Faustina A. v: "Bede's Death Song" (P. J. Lucas) p. 42

290. London, British Library Royal 7 C. iv: Defensor, "Liber Scintillarum" with continuous OE gloss (A. N. Doane) p. 48


Volume 6: Worcester Manuscripts, Christine Franzen (1998)

219. London, British Library Cotton Otho C. i, Vol. 2: Gregory (Wærferth), "Dialogues," "Vitae Patrum" p. 1

351. Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley 130 (27609): Pseudo-Apuleius "Herbarium," Pseudo-Dioscorides, Placitus, etc. p. 6

377. Oxford, Bodleian Hatton 20 (4113): Alfred: "Pastoral Care" p. 10

381. Oxford, Bodleian Hatton 48 (3684/4118[?]): "Regula S. Benedicti" p. 15

382. Oxford, Bodleian Hatton 76 (4125): Gregory's (Wærferth's) "Dialogues;" "Admonitio of St. Basil;" "Herbarium;" "Medicina de quadrupedibus" p. 19

384a. Oxford, Bodleian Hatton 113 (5210): "St. Wulstan's Homiliary," Part 1 p. 26

384b. Oxford, Bodleian Hatton 114 (5134): "St. Wulstan's Homiliary," Part 2 p. 35

385. Oxford, Bodleian Hatton 115 (5135): Homilies p. 45

391. Oxford, Bodleian Junius 121 (5232): Ecclesiastical Institutes, Homilies p. 56

398. Oxford, Bodleian Laud misc. 482 (1054): Penitential and Confessional texts; offices for the sick and dying p. 69


Volume 7: Anglo-Saxon Bibles and "The Book of Cerne", A. N. Doane (2002)

63. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 557: Fragments of "Legend of the Holy Cross" p. 1

107. Cambridge, University Library Ll. 1. 10: "Book of Cerne," "Prayer Book of Aedeluald" p. 4

153. Lawrence, Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library Pryce MS C2:1: Fragment of "Legend of the Holy Cross before Christ" p. 28

154. Lawrence, Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library Pryce MS C2:2: Fragment of Ælfric's "Sermo in natale unius confessoris" p. 31

155. Lawrence, Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library Pryce MS P2A:1: Fragment of an Alphabetical Glossary p. 34

182. London, British Library Cotton Claudius B. iv: Illustrated Old English Hexateuch p. 37

248. London, British Library Cotton Vespasian D. xxi: 1. Nennius; 2. OE Prose Guthlac; 3. Sedulius p. 44

274. London, British Library Harley 3376: "The Harley Glossary" p. 49

281. London, British Library Royal 1 B. vii: Early Northumbrian Gospel Book p. 54

282. London, British Library Royal 1 D. ix: Deluxe Illuminated Gospel Book p. 58

339. Oxford, Bodleian Library Auctarium D. 2. 14 (2698): "Gospels of St. Augustine," "Codex Oxoniensis (O)" p. 62

342. Oxford, Bodleian Library Auctarium D. 5. 3 (27688): Breton Pocket Gospels with OE Glosses p. 67

392. Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat. Misc. a. 3, f. 49: Fragment of an Alphabetical Glossary p. 70

399. Oxford, Bodleian Laud misc. 509 (1042): "OE Heptateuch" p. 72


Volume 8: Wulfstan Texts and Other Homiletic Materials, Jonathan Wilcox (2000)

58. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 419: Homilies p. 1

59. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 421: Homilies p. 7

79. Cambridge, Trinity College, B. 14. 51: Homilies; "Poema Morale" p. 14

185. London, British Library, Cotton Cleopatra B. xiii: Homilies; "Vita S. Dunstani" by B; Chronicle to 1305 p. 23

231. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius C. i: Computistica; Astronomica; Pontifical; Homilies p. 30

240. London, British Library, Cotton Vespasian A. xxii: Chronicles, Homilies p. 46

245. London, British Library, Cotton Vespasian D. xiv: Homilies, etc.; Isidore, "Synonyma" p. 53

269. London, British Library, Harley 2110: Ælfric, Homilies; Cartulary of Castle Acre Priory p. 65

275. London, British Library Harley 3667: Computistica (with BL Cotton Tiberius C.i [231]): p. 69

317. London, Lambeth Palace 487: Homilies p. 72

318. London, Lambeth Palace 489: Homilies p. 79


Volume 9: Deluxe and Illustrated Manuscripts Containing Literary and Technical Texts, A.N. Doane and Tiffany J. Grade (2001)

96. Cambridge, University Library Gg. 5. 35: Collection of Classical, Early Christian, Carolingian, and Medieval Verse, "Cambridge Songs Manuscript" p. 1

102. Cambridge, University Library Kk. 1. 24: Fragmentary Gospel Book p. 32

149. Köln, Dombibliothek MS 231: Collectio canonum Sanblasiana p. 37

205. London, British Library, Cotton Nero D. ii, Rochester Chronicles, Battle Abbey Chronicles, etc. (T. J. Grade) p. 53

229. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius B. v., Part 1: Computistica, Historical Texts, "Wonders of the East," etc (T. J. Grade). p. 65

305. London, British Library, Sloane 1044, f. 2: Fragmentary Gospel Leaf p. 80

320. London, Wellcome Historical Medical Library, MS 46: Medical Recipes p. 82

341. Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole 1431 (7523): Pseudo-Apuleius, "Herbarius" p. 84

400. Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud Misc. 567: Presalernitan Medical Collection, including the "Laud Herbal Glossary" p. 89

467. Spangenberg, Pfarrarchiv Hr. Nr. 1 (Marburg, Hessisches Staatsarchiv 319): Fragment of Servius upon "Aeneid" p. 94


Volume 10: Manuscripts containing the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, works by Bede, and other texts, Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe (2003)

227. London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius B. i: OE Orosius; "Menologium," "Maxims II," Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (C-text) p. 1

252. London, British Library, Cotton Vitellius A.xix: Bede, "Vita S. Cuthberti" (prose and verse) p. 7

264b. London, British Library, Harley 526: Bede, "Vita S. Cuthberti" (verse); "Vita Edwardi regis," etc. p. 13

268. London, British Library, Harley 1117: Bede, "Vita S. Cuthberti," (prose and verse) p. 19

308. London, British Library, Stowe 104: Bede, Historia ecclesiastica, Cuthbert, "De obitu Bedae,"; "Bede's Death Song," etc. 25

353. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 163 (2016):Bede, Historia ecclesiastica, "Caedmon's Hymn"; Latin-OE Glossary, etc. p. 30

396. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud. Misc. 243 (1301): Bede, Historia ecclesiastica, "Caedmon's Hymn" p. 38

401. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud. Misc. 636 (1003): Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (E-text) ("Peterborough Chronicle") p. 41


Volume 11: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge I: MSS 41, 57, 191, 302, 303, 367, 383, 422, Timothy Graham, Raymond J. S. Grant, Peter J. Lucas, Elaine M. Treharne (2004)

25. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 41: OE version of Bede's Historia ecclesiastica; Charms; Verse "Solomon and Saturn"; Homilies; Liturgical Texts (R.J.S. Grant) p. 1

27. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 57: "Regula S. Benedicti"; "Martyrology" of Usuard; "Diadema monachorum" of Smaragdus, and other texts (Timothy Graham) p .28

39. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 191: Chrodegang of Metz, "Regula canonicorum" (enlarged version) (Timothy Graham) p. 39

48. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 302: Ælfric, "Hexameron"; Homilies (Elaine M. Treharne) p. 48

49. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 303: Homilies (Elaine M. Treharne) p. 55

54. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 367: Late historical texts; OE Homilies, OE "Vision of Leofric," etc. (Elaine M. Treharne) p. 67

55. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 383: Laws (Peter J. Lucas) p. 74

60. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 422: "The Red Book of Darley" (Timothy Graham) p. 81


Volume 12: Manuscripts of Trinity College Cambridge, Michael Wright and Stephanie Hollis (2004)

76. Cambridge, Trinity College, B.10.5 (216): Pauline Epistles p. 1

78. Cambridge, Trinity College, B.14.3 (289): Arator, "De actibus apostolorum"; Dunstan acrostic p. 10

81. Cambridge, Trinity College, R.5.22 (717): 1) Bede, "Ecclesiastical History," with OE "Caedmon's Hymn"; Cuthbert, "Letter on the Death of Bede," with OE "Bede's Death Song"; 2) Lives of Saints; 3) King Alfred's OE "Cura Pastoralis" p. 15

81a. Cambridge, Trinity College, R.7.3 (741): Bede, Historia ecclesiastica; Cuthbert's "Letter on the Death of Bede" (with "Bede's Death Song") p. 25

84. Cambridge, Trinity College, R.15.32 (945): Computistica; Kalendar; Hygnius, "Poeticon astronomicon"; Helpericus, "Expositio compoti"; Cicero, "Aratea," etc. p. 31

86. Cambridge, Trinity College, O.1.18 (1042): Augustine, "Enchiridion"; Dunstan acrostic p. 40

87. Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.1 (1105): Ely Kalendar, "Historia Eliensis Insulae," "Inquisitio Eliensis"; Lives of Ely Saints p. 45

88. Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.30 (1134): 1) Isidoran collection; 2) Eadmer, "Vita S. Dunstani"; 3) Regula S. Benedict"; alphabetical exhortations p. 56

89. Cambridge, Trinity College, O.2.31 (1135): Prosper, "Epigrammata"; :Disticha Catonis"; Bede, "De die iudicii"; Prudentius, "Dittochaeon" p. 66

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127. Ely Cathedral, Dean and Chapter, 1/1: "Liber Eliensis" p. 77

255. London, British Library, Cotton Vitellius C. viii: Composite manuscript of nine parts including A-S Computus; A-S patristic extracts; Kent Domesday p. 84