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Anglo-Saxon Plant Name Survey (ASPNS): Sixth Annual Report, January 2005


Dr. C. P. Biggam, Director of ASPNS

2004 was a relatively quiet year for ASPNS, after the publication of From Earth to Art last year, but plans are already afoot for our next book which is likely to offer various delights including juniper, pears and seaweed.

ASPNS is delighted to welcome a new author, Dr Margaret Scott, who is Editor for Scottish Language Dictionaries, and affiliated to the University of Glasgow.

I would like to thank all those who have helped with ASPNS queries, and, as always, the Department of English Language, and Institute for the Historical Study of Language, both at the University of Glasgow.

The work of the ASPNS may be followed on its website, http://www2.arts.gla.ac.uk/SESLL/EngLang/ihsl/projects/plants.htm.


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Dr C. P. Biggam, Director of ASPNS

4th February 2005