Editor's Note

OEN 46.1 (2016)


Issue 46.1 of OEN is co-edited by E. J. Christie of Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Issue 1 of each volume is focused on scholarly tools and notes. Essays and reports can be sent directly to him. Please submit or encourage your students to submit their translations to OEN. We will be awarding a prize to the best translation in the Spring, provided we receive enough submissions.

The current issue is a treasure trove. It includes a dissertation by Elmer Luck of Alberta, Canada. He studied with Max Förster and Eduard Seivers in Freiburg, but was forced to leave Germany at the outbreak of hostilities in 1914. He was a fortnight shy of taking his Ph. D. His grand-daughter Ms. Sheila Luck recovered his dissertation. We reproduce it in this issue in its handwritten form. Ms. Luck includes a biography of her grandfather, illustrated with photographs and documents.

Andrew Rabin has edited an article by the late Patrick Wormald. The article was in typescript and concerns Archbishop Wulfstan's collection of canon laws. OEN is extremely fortunate to be able to reproduce it here. Professor Rabin and Stefan Jurasinski, our new editor of YWOES, have also written a memorial to the late Lisi Oliver.

The Visionary Cross Project, which has recently made a 3-D scan of the Ruthwell Cross, offers a brief, illustrated history of some of the damage done to the Cross after its initial erection. A beta-version of the 3-D model can be found here.

Thank you for visitng OEN. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas or suggestions.


—Stephen Harris