Research in Progress, 2012-2013

Heide Estes and Megan Miguelino

Monmouth University




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Battle of Maldon

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Descent Into Hell

Rambaran-Olm, Mary (Univ. of Glasgow), John the Baptist's Prayer or The Descent into Hell from the Exeter Book: Text, Translation and Critical Study, TBP D. S. Brewer.


Dream of the Rood

Poole, Russell (Univ. of Western Ontario), A Problematic Line in The Dream of the Rood, aIP.


Exeter Book Riddles

Estes, Heide (Monmouth Univ.) and Stephanie Naishtut, (Monmouth Univ.), Exeter Book Riddle 69: A New Solution, aIP.

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Seasons for Fasting

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Solomon and Saturn

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8. NAMES  


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