Concord-o-Matic Text Processor

This is a simple version of a text concordance program, primarily designed for Old English though it will concord texts in other languages as well. It will generate a simple word list of all occurrences of all words in a text; optionally it will show each occurrence of the word in context. The program is intended to aid in textual analysis and in the construction of a glossary. I am grateful to Ben Samples, my student in Old English at the University of Tennessee, for inspiring this site.

NOTE: In order for the concorder to work successfully, your text must be divided into lines (otherwise the concorder considers each paragraph to be a single line; the program looks for the return character to end a line), but you do not need to have line numbers actually in the text. The concorder is utf-8 aware, so it should handle texts in almost any language. Non-roman characters may be treated strangely, but some attempt has been made to alphabetize Old English characters intelligently (þ and ð appear as a separate letter between t and u; æ is treated as a separate letter between a and b). Accented vowels are generally treated like unaccented ones. The concorder also strips out capital letters and most punctuation, and ignores empty lines.

NOTE: if Auto Line Numbers is not checked, the parser treats the first element in each line as the number, e.g., 1, 2.4, ChapterOne (notice the absence of a space).

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