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Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: A Register of Written Sources Used by Authors In Anglo-Saxon England: Sixteenth Progress Report


Peter Jackson, for the Management Committee


This has been another year of marked progress for Fontes. Readers of the previous report (published in OEN 33.3 [Spring 2000], 7-9) will remember that we were fortunate enough to recruit Dr. Rohini Jayatilaka as full-time Research Associate and Database Editor for three years from October 1999. Now in the second year of her appointment, Dr. Jayatilaka has been very actively engaged in enhancing and publicizing the project in every way. As the appendix shows, in the past year she has edited and added to the database some 30 texts, in both Old English and Latin, totaling some 6890 entries, and including a very extensive contribution of her own (nearly 1300 entries) on the Old English Orosius; she continues to work on sourcing the Old English Benedictine Rule. Dr. Jayatilaka has also given presentations on the project at the Kalamazoo congress in May 2000, at a 'Resourcing Sources' workshop in Oxford in June 2000, and (with Professor Malcolm Godden) at the Medieval English graduate seminar in Oxford in January 2001; and (with Professor Godden and Mr. Stewart Brookes) she will be speaking at a session sponsored by Fontes at the Leeds congress in July 2001. She is also redesigning the website, and continues to develop the database application for the projected CD-ROM version of the register.

None of this would have been possible, of course, without the support of a great many scholars around the world. On the Old English side, several new contributors have been recruited, some of whom have already made very substantial and helpful submissions (over 2800 entries in all): Professor Nicole Guenther Discenza on Alfred's translation of Boethius, Dr. Mark Griffith on Judith and Ælfric's Preface to Genesis, Professor Roy Liuzza on the Old English Gospels, and Dr. Richard Marsden on the Old English Heptateuch. Two previous contributors, Professor Mary Clayton and Professor Hugh Magennis, have put us further in their debt by sourcing a variety of prose texts, Ælfrician and anonymous. Dr. M. Bradford Bedingfield, who briefly worked for the project as a Research Associate before his departure for an academic position in Japan, has sourced two Ælfrician homilies published by Assmann, and Dr. Christine Rauer, who was employed some years ago as a Research Associate, has continued to source Old English saints' lives and bestiary texts. Dr. Rauer has also compiled a list of Fontes publications and an extensive annotated bibliography of the Old English Martyrology, both accessible from the Fontes website. Dr. Susan Rosser, Arts and Humanities Research Board Institutional Research Fellow at Manchester University, much of whose work is concerned with sources though she is not formally employed by Fontes, has contributed entries on Blickling Homily 19.

On the Latin side, as noticed in the last report Dr. Rosalind Love relinquished her position as AHRB Institutional Research Fellow on her appointment to a lectureship in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge University on January 1, 2000. Before her departure she was able to finish work on a number of hagiographical and other texts (including Bede's Martyrology), yielding nearly 2500 entries added to this year's list, and she continues to serve as Director for Anglo-Latin. In October 2000, Dr. Love was succeeded for the balance of her Fellowship (slightly less than three years) by Dr. Katharine Scarfe Beckett, a former doctoral student in the Cambridge ASNC Department, who has begun work on Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica, which she hopes to finish sourcing later this year.

There have been meetings of the Management Committee in Oxford in May 2000 and in Cambridge in October 2000, and Professor Jane Roberts yet again hosted an open meeting at King's College London on April 3, 2001, which once more featured papers by junior and more established scholars from England, Ireland, and the United States. Details of this and previous open meetings can be found on the KCL website: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/depsta/humanities/english/Pub.htm.

By February 2001, around 1125 Anglo-Saxon texts (over 500 in Old English and over 600 in Latin) had been sourced and nearly 1100 source-texts identified; but as always, new contributors, perhaps especially but by no means exclusively in Latin, would be warmly welcomed. Potential contributors in the Old English field should contact Professor Don Scragg (Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK), and in the Latin field, Dr. Rosalind Love (Robinson College, Cambridge, CB3 9AN, UK); while inquiries about the database should be addressed to Dr. Rohini Jayatilaka, either via the Fontes website or by e-mail (fontes@english.ox.ac.uk).

April 2001



Fontes entries added to the database since 1 April 2000

Old English

C.A.3.16 ANON (OE) The Panther C. Rauer 3 entries

C.A.3.17 ANON (OE) The Whale C. Rauer 2 entries

C.A.3.18 ANON (OE) The Partridge C. Rauer 2 entries

C.A.4.2 ANON (OE) Judith M. Griffith51 entries

C.B.1.5.4 ÆLFRIC Assmann 5 (Friday after Fifth Sunday in Lent) M.B. Bedingfield 63 entries

C.B.1.5.5 ÆLFRIC Assmann 6 (Third Sunday after Easter) M.B. Bedingfield 26 entries

C.B.1.7.1 ÆLFRIC Preface to Genesis M. Griffith 64 entries

C.B.1.8.7 ÆLFRIC De Sanguine Mary Clayton 14 entries

C.B.19.6 ANON (OE) The Days of Summer and Winter C. Rauer 2 entries

C.B.3.3.1 ANON (OE) Blickling homily 19 (St. Andrew) Susan Rosser 61 entries

C.B.3.3.15 ANON (OE) Life of St. Margaret (BL MS Cotton Otho B.x) H. Magennis 2 entries

C.B.3.3.16 ANON (OE) Life of St. Margaret (BL MS Cotton Tiberius A.iii) H. Magennis 51 entries

C.B.3.3.18 ANON (OE) Euangelium Pseudo-Matthaei Mary Clayton 46 entries

C.B.3.3.28 ANON (OE) St. Neot C. Rauer 21 entries

C.B.3.3.33 ANON (OE) St. Quintin C. Rauer 1 entry

C.B.3.3.4 ANON (OE) St. Christopher C. Rauer 1 entry

C.B.8.1.4 ANON (OE Heptateuch)/ÆLFRIC Old English Heptateuch Richard Marsden 229 entries

C.B. ANON (OE) Old English Gospels (Matthew) R.M. Liuzza 1068 entries

C.B. ANON (OE) Old English Gospels (Mark) R.M. Liuzza 677 entries

C.B.9.2 ANON (OE) Orosius, History against the Pagans R. Jayatilaka 1280 entries

C.B.9.3 ALFRED Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy N.G. Discenza 742 entries


L.C.53.02 ODA Prefatory letter to Frithegod's Breuiloquium uitae Wilfridi R.C. Love 5 entries

L.E.1.4 BEDA Martyrologium R.C. Love 630 entries

L.E.1.5 BEDA Passio S. Anastasii R.C. Love 5 entries

L.E.105 ANON (Lat.) Vita prima S. Neoti et translatio R.C. Love 13 entries